About Local Land Charges

Ownership of a plot of land or property

The Council does not hold records about land ownership in general.  Please contact Land Registry to obtain details on land ownership.  Tel: 0151 472 6666

Records of land owned by the Council, are held by the Assets Section Assets and Facilities please contact them on 0300 123 55 00 property@cheshireeast.gov.uk

Why has my solicitor not received my search?

First check if your solicitor has directly requested the Council to complete an official Local Authority Search, and they have submitted the request and payment direct to the Council.

If so your search will be processed in date order and in line with the current turnaround. You can track your search using our search facility to check on its progress at where is my search.

If your solicitor has requested a number of additional questions then your search may take longer to complete than a standard search as responses will be required from other Council departments.

If your Solicitor has requested another company or third party to deal with your search, this third party may decide to complete the search report themselves with information they have access to under Freedom of Information FOI / EIR . If a third party is completing the search then the Council is unable to comment on or how long this will take or assist in resolving any subsequent enquiries you may have.

Obtaining a copy of the agreement shown on my search

Local Land Charges Section maintains the register, but doesn't always have copies of the original document, please contact the relevant originating department shown on the search for that entry.

For copies of s106 and s52 Agreements pertaining to the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 please contact legal section via bsuadmin@cheshireeast.gov.uk

A TPO Tree Preservation Order is shown on my search

A Tree Preservation Order prohibits the cutting down, lopping , uprooting, wilful damage or wilful destruction of designated protected trees, groups, woodlands unless written permission has been given by the LPA .

Copies of TPOs

You can request a copy of a TPO at a cost of £55 (including VAT) or £5.50 for one extract:

  • By Credit Card over the phone on 0300 123 5014
  • By e-mail to planning@cheshireeast.gov.uk . The e-mail must include ‘Request for a copy of a TPO ’ in the subject line, details of the exact location/address of the trees or the title of the Tree Preservation Order if known and a contact telephone number in order that we can contact you and arrange for payment.
  • By post to Civicance,  Planning Support, PO Box 606, Municipal Buildings, Earle Street, Crewe, CW1 9HP. Details of the exact location/address of the trees or the title of the Tree Preservation Order if known must be provided together with a cheque made payable to Cheshire East Council.

A listed building, has shown on my search

Use heritage and listed buildings for more information

I am moving into the Cheshire East area - what can I find out?

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