Full plans procedure

This involves the submission of detailed plans and other relevant information, which are checked to ensure compliance with the Building Regulations. If satisfactory, an Approval Notice is issued. Where the proposals are found to be unsatisfactory a Building Control Surveyor will contact you so that you can amend the plans. In certain circumstances there may be no alternative but to reject the plans (i.e. where the plans indicate a contravention of the regulations, or contain insufficient information for assessment purposes).


You know that as long as the work is carried out in line with the approved plans, it will meet the regulations.

You can give approval notice to financial institutions, solicitors, and surveyors and so on when you are applying for loans or moving home.

As long as the work is carried out in line with the approved plans, and all the relevant inspections find the work is of a satisfactory standard, you can get a completion certificate.


It is expensive to prepare detailed plans. You have to programme the work to allow enough time to prepare plans and for us to process them.

Submission of application

The application should be sent to the Building Control officers at Civicance.

Download a printable version Full Plans Application Form (PDF, 222KB) or an editable version Full Plans Application Form (MS Word, 301KB)

You can pay for your application online.

This should include:

  • completed application
  • location map and detailed site plan - one copy
  • construction plans and technical specification – one copy

Assessment of proposal

The plans are assessed for compliance with Building Regulations and any required revisions notified to the agent who may then submit amended plans. When these are received and all details are satisfactory your plans can be approved. The Approval Certificate and the approved plans will be available online.

Commencement of work and site inspections

When an application has been made with the appropriate fee the builder may commence work. Before doing so, the Building Control Department must be notified so that the Building Control Surveyors can visit the site. They will carry out inspections from commencement to completion.

There is a legal obligation on any person causing works to be carried out to advise the Building Control Department at various stages so that inspections may be undertaken. Building Control will undertake any other inspections as are deemed necessary. If the builder commences work prior to approval of the plans, he proceeds entirely at his own risk. After the first inspection has been carried out, the inspection fee is due.


Building Control will forward a Completion Certificate to the applicant when the works are satisfactorily completed. The Completion Certificate and the plan Approval Certificate are important legal documents. They should be stored safely, perhaps with the deeds of the property.

Without these it may be difficult to secure finance or effect a sale in the conveyancing process. If you or your agent wish to talk to a Building Control Surveyor about your scheme before submitting it for assessment, you can do so by contacting the Building Control office where your plans will be lodged.

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