Starting building work

You may begin work at any time after you have submitted a Full Plans application or Building Notice provided you give at least 2 days notice.

The person carrying out building work (yourself or your builder) must tell us when you have completed the following stages (where appropriate), so that we can inspect the work.

  • Commencement
  • Excavations
  • Concrete in foundations
  • Damp-proof course
  • Concrete oversite
  • Drains inspection and test
  • Drains covered/test
  • Occupation of building
  • Final completion

Work may be shown on building plans to be in accordance with the Building Regulations but it is the work on-site which frequently departs from the deposited approved plan that is required to be in conformity with the Building Regulations.

Because of this, we place great emphasis on the inspection process and our customer commitment is based on carrying out all statutory inspections.