Domestic abuse - getting help

Cheshire East Domestic Abuse Hub - call 0300 123 5101

Important advice

If you're worried about someone knowing you have visited this website please read how to take steps to increase your safety when using the internet and email.

Are you living in fear of your partner or family member

Have they:

  • called you names and made you feel bad about yourself
  • made you afraid by threatening you or your children
  • behaved violently towards you
  • stopped you seeing your friends or family
  • kept you without money
  • Do you feel you could be seriously harmed


  • you are not to blame
  • you are not alone
  • you can get help
  • you are already a survivor
  • you can get your life back
  • you cannot change the person who is hurting you but you can take steps to make you and your children safer.

Are you concerned about your behaviour 

There is also help for you if you want to change the way you behave in your family and relationships.

Are you concerned about someone else’s safety 

You can get advice about how best to support the person you care about too. You can speak to someone by phoning the Hub or you can get tips and advice from Open the Door.

Cheshire East Domestic Abuse Hub 24/7

Cheshire East Domestic Abuse Hub (CEDAH) is a single point of contact, information, consultation, referral, triage and case allocation for families affected by domestic abuse and those who support them - formally or informally. 

High risk cases go straight to our Independent Domestic Violence Advocacy team. Hub staff call all other people referred in to identify what package of support is best for the whole family.

This support is provided by Barnardo’s and Cheshire Without Abuse working in partnership with others. 

Contact us:

Always ring 999 if in immediate danger