Paying for childcare

The Family and Childcare Trust have information on Childcare Options, for all parents, including working parents, parents who are studying and families with disabilities. 

Parents can register with the governments Childcare Choices website.  

Ways of paying for childcare:

Childcare Vouchers

  • Childcare Vouchers are a means of paying for childcare – they are one of the ways in which an employer can help employees with childcare costs and are sometimes known as Employer Supported Childcare. Download the Childcare Vouchers factsheet (PDF, 103KB)
  • If you or your partner are employed by Cheshire East Council, more information about the Childcare Voucher scheme for employees can be find on the intranet under HR and Staff Benefits.
  • A high/additional rate tax payer  Higher rate taxpayers are only be eligible to receive £28 per week in childcare vouchers. Basic rate taxpayers will still be eligible to receive the maximum allowance of £55 per week.  

Tax Credits

  • Tax Credits are designed to top up wages for those on low income and help with childcare costs.  This factsheet is designed to help you understand more about Tax Credits. Download the Tax Credits factsheet (PDF, 662KB)
  • There are 2 websites that can help you estimate the Tax Credits that your household might be entitled to: HMRC Do I Qualify for tax credits? and the Daycare Trust
  • The Tax Credit Overpayment - A guide (PDF, 613KB) document is for if you have been told that you have a tax credit overpayment that you have to pay back. You may not be sure if you even have an overpayment. You may just have noticed a worrying drop in the amount of payments you are getting. This guide show you how to find out if the reduction is because you have an overpayment.
  • If your employer offers you childcare vouchers to help with your childcare costs it may affect the amount of tax credits you can get. This Childcare vouchers and tax credits - better off calculator can help you decide whether - overall - you would be better off taking the childcare vouchers or not.

Free Early Education Entitlement (previously known as the Nursery Education Grant)

More information on childcare for children with special educational needs and disabilities is available on the Family and Childcare Trust website.

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