Managing someone else's affairs

As a carer there may come a time when you may need to help manage the affairs on behalf of the person you are looking after, or start considering how to plan to do this in the future. This could mean a number of things including:

  • looking after their bank accounts, savings, investments or other financial affairs
  • buying and selling property on their behalf
  • claiming and spending welfare benefits on their behalf
  • deciding where they live
  • making decisions about their day-to-day personal care or healthcare.

This can be a sensitive issue, and will need to be carefully thought out. Advice is available on money management

There are different ways of managing someone’s affairs. Which option is appropriate depends on whether the person you are looking after can currently make their own decisions (which is called having mental capacity) or whether they are unable to make their own decisions (which is called lacking mental capacity).

Further advice on the different ways of managing someone else's affairs is available from Carer's UK.