Together in Cheshire East

‘TOGETHER’ is our shared definition of co-production in Cheshire East.  Our co-production guide sets out how we will work together as equal partners to improve, develop and deliver services towards a common goal for all of our children, young people, families and adults.

Our TOGETHER guide has been fully co-produced with local people, who told us that they don’t want to use jargon such as ‘co-production’, and that they would prefer the term TOGETHER.  Activities to jointly develop the TOGETHER guide included events such as the SEND partnership picnic and a market stall event in Congleton for adults and older people.  We have also undertaken surveys and workshops over the past 18 months with parent carers, through the SEND Youth Forum, SEND children and young people, Cheshire East Youth Council and Children’s Trust.

The TOGETHER guide is all age, for all people across Cheshire East and supports co-production at a number of levels including:

  • Individuals in terms of their own care or support;
  • At a community level for community developments;
  • Commissioning in terms of service design, purchasing, development and monitoring;
  • Strategic level in terms of policy changes and development.

We want to be open and transparent to promote our engagement and joint working activities with local people, and also to communicate opportunities for people to be involved.  We have therefore jointly developed our webpage with young people and parent carers.  Further information including the TOGETHER guide and a film of young people defining what they mean by co-production is available via the Cheshire East Website.