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Supported Internships

A supported internship is designed to be the final year of education. It is aimed to support young people with an Education, Health Care Plan (EHCP) between the ages of 16- 24 years old. The aim of the programme is to help bridge the gap from education into the world of work. Interns will spend time in an education setting, as well as time in the work place. The majority of the time will be spent in the work place to give the young people the opportunity to develop their skills in a working environment. Gaining employment is the focus of the internship.

Every young person who accesses a supported internship will have individual needs. A trained job coach will work closely with each intern to ensure they understand their role, and feel confident in their own ability to complete the task set. Over time, the young person’s confidence should increase and the support from the job coach should fade. A supported internship gives young people with a learning disability or autism the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and their work ethos to an employer. 

Recently we interviewed students for the new ‘Springboard Project’; this is the supported internship that Springfield School will be launching from September 2019. Every student interviewed was dressed smartly, was punctual and possessed excellent manners. Every young person interviewed stated that they ‘want to work’, ‘they want a job’, and ‘they want to feel important’. The supported internship offers an opportunity to gain the skills, qualifications and experience to achieve real paid employment outcomes.

We also have supported internships being delivered from Macclesfield College, Cheshire College, Total People and Pettypool. For more information visit our work based learning pages.