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Speech and Language Therapy pilot for children with autism

A pilot is well underway to provide additional speech and language therapy ( SALT ) support for children with autism and also to children and families at the early years stage. Cheshire East Council is keen to try different ways of supporting children, families and education settings, early and effectively in order to improve outcomes for children and reduce escalation of needs. Speech and language therapists will focus on important transition points for children, targeted interventions that achieve a child’s personal goals and training opportunities for staff 

The second element of the pilot is the employment of an occupational therapist ( OT ) to focus on sensory processing. The  OT will initially work with primary aged children with a diagnosis of autism, or on the diagnostic pathway. They will work closely with schools across Cheshire East to provide a series of training packages, focused around sensory processing difficulties. When the Cheshire East autism team,  OT and school identify that further targeted work is needed for certain children then advanced workshops will be held and action plans agreed. The  OT may also offer a specialist element to the service with one to one intervention between the  OT and child, alongside education staff, and a detailed school sensory plan produced.

The resource is small at this point and therefore the pilot will require effective management. The impact of the pilot will be carefully monitored in order to decide whether the approach works and which elements to continue with.  

For more information about speech and language therapy services across Cheshire East visit our Local Offer