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SEND Locality Model

10 March 2020 

Cheshire East’s Special Educational Needs & Disability ( SEND ) team has recently undergone a significant staffing restructure which has been purposeful of transforming the model and approach used when working with Children, Young People (and their families) and key stakeholders from across Education, Health and Care.

In order to successfully implement the Locality model of working, the Cheshire East borough has been divided into three key areas: North (Macclesfield, Knutsford, Wilmslow and Poynton), Central (Sandbach, Middlewich, Holmes Chapel, Congleton) and South (Crewe and Nantwich). Each Locality is headed by a  SEND Locality Manager and four full time equivalent  SEND Keyworkers will be allocated to each Locality. In addition to this, Business Support Officers will be attached to each Locality to ensure that key administrative functions are completed and fulfilled in order to ensure a smooth and seamless service is provided.

The Locality model has been implemented to support a working ethos and principles which value the importance of effective working relationships between schools/settings and the Locality Authority ( LA ). It is hoped that this model will result in improved communication between the LA , children, young people and their families, schools and settings and key stakeholders and enable positive outcomes to be embedded and achieved for our children and young people with SEND .

SEND  Keyworkers will be allocated to schools and settings, therefore, children, young people and their families main point of contact will be the Keyworker attached to the school.  SEND Keyworkers are not allocated to families based on where they reside in the borough. Where a family has two children with  EHCP's who attend separate schools in different localities, consideration will be given to allocating a single  SEND Keyworker to prevent families from having to liaise with more than one. In addition, out of borough schools will be attached to Localities.

The only exception to the above is for Cared for Children as a designated  SEND Keyworker will have responsibility for cases across all three localities.

The role of the  SEND Keyworker is multi-faceted, however, core functions of the role that they will fulfil include:

  • Coordination of the  EHC assessment process
  • Writing and amending  EHC Plan’s
  • Attending change of placement meetings
  • Attending transition reviews (i.e. primary and secondary transitions)
  • Attending complex annual reviews
  • Attending mediation meetings
  • Attending team around the tribunal meetings

Each Locality Manager will also be designated strategic leads for several areas of specialism which will allow for strategic oversight over a variety of different areas which are core to the functions of the  SEND Team. A breakdown of each specialism and the responsible Locality Manager has been provided below:

Children Missing Education – Matt Lowe (North  SEND Locality Manager)

Cared for Children – Matt Lowe (North  SEND Locality Manager)

Elective Home Education – Matt Lowe (North  SEND Locality Manager)

Transport – Chris Broadhurst (Central  SEND Locality Manager)

Primary and Secondary Transitions – Chris Broadhurst (Central  SEND Locality Manager)

Post 16 and Preparing for Adulthood – Becky Boothroyd (South  SEND Locality Manager)

Consultations – Becky Boothroyd (South  SEND Locality Manager)

The  SEND Staffing Structure is able to provide a breakdown of staff that are allocated to each locality.

Interim Annual Review Team

In addition to the Locality Keyworkers, the  SEND Team has appointed an Interim Annual Review Team in order to support with processing both overdue and current reviews. The purpose of which is to support with and reduce the significant delays in processing Annual Review paperwork following the meetings.

There will be one  AR Keyworker within each Locality; with a primary focus of supporting with non-transition year groups. Locality Keyworkers will remain responsible for processing transition year groups and completing consultation work with prospective new schools.

There will also be a focus on improving the Annual Review Process, including termly Assess, Plan, Do, Review meetings, to ensure that all reviews can be processed in a timelier manner as we move to the Locality Model. Hannah Greensmith (Interim Annual Review Team Manager) will lead a focus group to review the current process and make improvements in order to ensure a more efficient and effective service can be provided to Cheshire East’s Children and Young People with  EHC Plans.