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News from the February  SEND conference

12 March 2020

Our Spring  SEND Conference was held on Friday 7 February, at Cranage Hall. The emphasis of the day was locality teams and  SEND data.  The keynote speaker was Malcolm Reeve, who provided national and local authority  SEND data. This was further developed in the afternoon locality sessions where schools were shown individual setting data and how to complete their ‘ SEND in a Nutshell’. The response from the information provided by Malcolm was very well received.

‘This will be very supportive in working with governors and staff in school to develop an understanding of  SEND in our Locality and in our school’ – School SENCO

This was the most successful conference so far, with 156 delegates from schools attending, along with many Cheshire East colleagues. As one  SENCO said ‘It was the best conference yet’ another shared ‘I really appreciate all the hard work that Cheshire East are doing to make improvements for children with  SEND in schools’

Jacky Forster, Director of Education and 14-19 Skills at Cheshire East Council shared an overview of the current position of  SEND in Cheshire East. She explained about the journey of improving timeliness of  EHC needs assessments and the key areas of focus moving forward.

Laura Rogerson was introduced as the new Interim Head of Service for SEND . She spoke about her focus for  SEND moving forward and explained about her continuing role as the Virtual School Head.

Hannah Greensmith, Interim Annual Review Manager introduced the team, sharing the latest information for the annual review process and how schools and the local authority can work together to improve time scales over the next 12 months.

A number of professionals within the Cheshire East teams shared information regarding their offer and referral routes for schools to access. There was also information from Cheshire East Information and Advice Service ( CEIAS ) about ensuring their team are clearly signposted when needed.

The day was an incredible success and we look forward to the next one on 12 June.