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Updated template for costed Provision Maps

An updated Cheshire East Provision Map template is now available on the Cheshire East Toolkit for SEND webpage. A completed example and a guidance document for educational settings on completing a costed provision map are also available alongside the template. This template replaces all previous Provision Map templates and should be used by all Cheshire East schools and post-16 settings in order to ensure consistency of practice across Cheshire East. Schools and post-16 settings should ensure that they read the guidance document before using the revised template.

A costed provision map is a necessary part of both an EHC (Education, Health and Care) needs assessment request and an annual review of an existing  EHC Plan. It is a detailed breakdown of costs which show how settings are following the graduated approach (as described in our Toolkit for SEND ) and provides a clear record of the provision that is in place for an individual child/young person and the costs involved. Educational settings should include a completed costed provision map as part of any request for an  EHC needs assessment.

The improved provision map template has been produced by representatives from Cheshire East schools and now allows educational settings to add provision which is not described in hours, e.g. equipment or other resources specific to an individual’s needs, in addition to hour-based support. The template will automatically calculate costs for hour-based support. To maintain consistency across Cheshire East, formulae within the template should not be altered.

In the event of any questions relating to completing a costed provision map, educational settings can contact the SEND Inclusion Quality Team, who will aim to assist with your query.