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EHCP Annual Reviews Process Update

21 July 2020 

We wrote to parents/carers earlier in the year to update them about some of the changes we are making to improve the process and timescales for  EHC plan annual reviews. We have continued our work but recognise we still have some way to go.

We are writing now with a further update on some of the progress we have made.

All annual review information is now available online

You can now access information and guidance for the full annual review process on the Cheshire East Local Offer www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/EHCPannualreviews

On the website you will find links to;

Updated Guidance

  • Guidance for young people when completing pupil voice forms
  • One Minute Guide – for schools and settings –  EHCP reviews
  • What to expect and when and
  • Standard annual review meeting agenda for Cheshire East

Detailed process maps for the standard annual review process map which highlights all professional and family involvements and their responsibilities throughout the process.

New parent advice forms. We have worked with the families, professionals, schools and other settings to develop new parent advice forms. These are designed for parent carers to share their views on their child or young person’s progress, strengths and needs for consideration during the annual review process.

New pupil voice forms. We have developed a range of pupil voice forms which consider a variety of individual needs and abilities. Each form offers a different way for your child/young person to share their view. You can select the most appropriate for your child/young person. Any of the pupil voice forms can be used for needs assessments and annual reviews.

Changes have been made to the forms completed by settings following annual review meetings

This should work as an aid to make your and your child/young person’s experience of annual review meetings more focussed and person-centred.

We are arranging locality  Q&A Sessions in September for settings

Following this we will provide feedback online via a summarised  FAQ from the meetings. A parent representative from Cheshire East Parent Carer Forum will be invited to join these sessions.

We would love to hear your feedback

When you have had an opportunity to view the webpage and to use some of the new forms; it would be great to receive some feedback from yourself or from your child/young person. Cheshire East Parent Carer Forum are keen to hear how you find these changes. You can email them at cheshireeastpcf@gmail.com or you can email your feedback directly to the  SEND team  on SENTeameast@cheshireeast.gov.uk.

We recognise that there is still work to be completed. We are currently in the process of producing tailored process maps for other year groups and theses will be added to the webpage during the summer break.

For clarity, the information included with this update does not replace any guidance and information sent out with regards to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the local authority response to this or schools/settings re-opening. The new guidance documents relate to timescales for standard process; we are aware that there have been some delays to timescales of annual review meeting being arranged. In these circumstances we would ask that you discuss this with your allocated  SEND keyworker. Best endeavours must be made to hold review meetings within timescales, when informing us of a delay there must be a specific Covid related reason why the review could not take place either in person or virtually.

If you have any queries about any of the information included please contact your keyworker or email SENTeameast@cheshireeast.gov.uk so your enquiry can be directed to the correct person.