Cheshire  NHS urging people to help us help you

Cheshire  GP Dr Andrew Wilson, Clinical Chair of NHS Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group, is supporting the national drive to encourage people to continue to seek the care and treatment they need.

GP  practices and hospitals across Cheshire continue to treat patients for both Coronavirus (COVID-19) and non-Coronavirus related issues. To keep people safe there are changes to the way some services are delivered – for example doctors and their teams are making arrangements for both telephone, video and online consultations.

However, if you do need to leave home to see your doctor,  GP practices have arrangements in place to ensure that this is done in a safe way.

“I know these are really unusual times for everyone but I can’t emphasise enough that the NHS is still very much here for you to provide the care you need,” said Dr Wilson.

“If you are advised to go to hospital then it is important that you continue to attend your appointments – unless you have been specifically advised not to.

“I know doctors are worried that their patients are not asking for the help they need and I, like many doctors, have patients who have delayed urgently-needed care because of Coronavirus. Please get the help that you need. It is not only the best way to help you but to also help the  NHS in the long-term.

“Please continue to use the  NHS if you need to, we’re here for you.”

Watch Dr Andrew Wilson’s short video which explains in more detail why we are urging you to continue to use the  NHS for treatment and care you need.