Existing Statements of SEN  

This plan sets out details of the order in which children and young people with existing statements of SEN will be transferred to the new system, along with details of how parents and young people will be made aware of the transfer arrangements and where they can find sources of independent SEN information and advice.

Local Authorities are required to ensure that statements are transferred to Education Health and Care (EHC) Plans no later than April 2018. 

Our plan for each year will focus on children and young people due to transfer between key stages (nursery to primary, primary to secondary, post school provision). Annual reviews leading to these key stage transitions will be used to transfer statements of Special Educational Need into Education Health and Care Plans.

Transition points

Children and young people at key transition points have been identified for each academic year.  Between September 2014 and April 2018, annual Reviews of each child or young person at a key transition point will be enhanced to transfer statements of Special Educational Need into Education, Health and Care Plans. The transfer process will be an EHC needs assessment however, where agreed, existing advice from professionals can be used.

We will notify families and young people prior to the transfer of a child or young person’s Statement of Special Educational Needs. There will be an enhanced Annual Review process which will follow a person centred approach. It will begin with a holistic pupil profile drawn up with the child or young person and will result in completion of a good quality single Education, Health and Care Plan. This will be achieved through:

  • establishing a team around the child or young person
  • updating the holistic assessment as necessary
  • compiling an Education and Health Care Plan that is a single plan
  • identification of a lead local authority officer to coordinate delivery of planned support and act as a single point of contact for the family

If you have any comments or feedback regarding the plan email SENTeamEast@cheshireeast.gov.uk .

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