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Help with Personal Care Record

It’s an interactive online health system, that’s personal to you. It will contain information, like your hospital appointments, clinic letters, and hospital prescribed medications. You will also be able to record and monitor any lifestyle goals you have through the record. It will allow you to communicate securely with participating doctors, consultants or others you invite to see your information.

With your permission, it will also mean any health or care professionals involved in your care will be able to communicate with each other, which will help deliver safer and more consistent care.

It is a completely secure and private system using tried and trusted software; and completely free to use.

So that all patients across Cheshire have more control of their care; and any healthcare professionals working with you can share information more quickly.

It has been introduced at Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for use by Thyroid Cancer Services. East Cheshire NHS Trust has made it available to their Maternity patients.

Community Paediatric services for Speech and Language therapy, and Physiotherapy services will begin inviting patients to see their personal care record in winter 2019.

Meadowside Medical Centre and Ashfields primary care centre will be inviting selected patients from early 2020.

My information

Your information will be safely stored by a third party called Patients Know Best. Your health information will be securely encrypted and stored within the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN).

Entry into your health record will be through your email address and a password. Creating a strong a password is key to ensuring that your information will be safe and secure. We would advise that when you choose a password, that it is something memorable known only to you and that you don’t share it with anyone.

It is good practice to change your password often, even if you think nobody else knows it. For further information, please view the Privacy Notice.

Where available, your test results can be automatically transferred to your health record for you to view. You can discuss your test results with your health care professional who can provide you with an explanation on your results, as they will have access to them and be best placed to advise on what they mean for you. 

Information your health professional has previously added to your heath record since April 2018. You can add information relating to your medical history on your record by yourself. This may provide helpful information to those health professionals you’re sharing your record with.    

If you are struggling to view all your health information, this may be because your health provider may not be signed up to the Personal Care Record. If you would like your local health care setting to enable you to have access to your health information online, then please speak to them about the Personal Care Record. We would be more than happy to speak to health care settings within the Cheshire East region. 

If you notice information on your health record which you believe is incorrect, then please contact your data protection officer at your local health care setting. You will be able to update and correct some elements yourself, for example, information contained within your profile. However, some elements will not be accessible to amend, in which case you should contact the relevant data protection officer.

Further details are accessible via the Privacy Policy. 

You can add your own health data, such as weight and blood pressure, which will be accessible to your health professional if you choose for them to see this information. For further information on how to add your own health data, please visit the add results from a common test video.

Your information will not be shared with any marketing or third parties, unless you choose to do so on your health record. For further information, please view the Privacy Notice.

If you are a carer for a user who has a Personal Care Record, then you will be granted access to that patient’s record if you are legally entitled to, or if you have been granted access by the patient. Please visit the carer help page for further information. 

As a parent or a carer, you have full access to your child’s records until they reach the age of 11. A month before your child turns 11 the health professional will be notified and will be able to decide whether the child should have control of their record. If a child does wish to have full control of their medical record, without parental access, then it will be for the professional to decide. The parents will discuss with the professional if they would like control of their child's records. The professional will then take the decision as to whether to grant access to the parents or carers.

Most children over the age of 16 have capacity to manage their own health information and their consent must be sought over record sharing.

If you do not wish for professionals to access the information you have shared, you can disable sharing on your health record. If you choose to disable sharing, professionals will not be able to access your health Record, even in an emergency. However, the professional will still be able to see information they have added to your health record, and professionals will still be able to access their own medical systems which may hold information about you for the purposes of direct care. For further information, please view the Privacy Notice.

If you have any further questions about how your health data is managed and controlled, please contact your health setting who will have invited you to view your record. They will be best placed to answer your questions or guide you to the relevant team or health professional.

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