The future of online health in Cheshire East

Personal Care Record

Cheshire East Council and NHS Eastern Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group (ECCCG) are implementing a new interactive digital personal care record. It’s an interactive online health system, that’s personal to you and built by UK-based healthcare software company Patients Know Best (PKB).

Following a successful proof of concept the Council and ECCCG have commissioned work to extend the clinical and patient reach of the system across secondary and primary care to further assess its impact and benefit to patients. It is an invitation only model but if you’re interested get in touch.

The ambition is for it to contain information from all care settings, like your hospital appointments, clinic letters, and hospital prescribed medications. You will also be able to record and monitor any lifestyle goals you have through the record. It will allow you to communicate securely with participating doctors, consultants or others you invite to see your information. With your permission, it will also mean any health or care professionals involved in your care will be able to communicate with each other, which will help deliver safer and more consistent care.

It is a completely secure private system, using tried and trusted software; it is also completely free to use.

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Online benefits

You may have read in the news that NHS England has announced a ten-year forward plan. Just as digital technologies have revolutionised everything from the way we shop to how we watch television, the plan envisages an overhaul in the way we interact with the health service.

The benefits of the new system will be:

  • more patient control by providing access to an electronic health record that integrates care services across re region, and with granular sharing consent options.
  • better, faster, more secure communication with participating healthcare professionals and others involved in their care through the record (patients and professionals can opt-out), electronic letters, appointments, and lab results in a future phase.
  • access to a library of resources for learning and to improve self-management of health conditions.
  • tracking of measurements such as blood pressure and weight, so they can see the changes over time; and connection of popular devices to add health information to their record (e.g. from a Fitbit)

Get involved and help shape the system

To take part or to get updates on the introduction of the new system, get in touch via:


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