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Like physical illness, mental illness can affect anybody. And just like a physical illness it is important to seek support if you have been suffering with any of the following:

  • feelings of sadness and worthlessness
  • feeling you have lost interest in those things you used to find pleasurable
  • feelings of worry and panic

Your General Practitioner is usually the best place to start. They will be able to provide you with different options of support which may include talking therapies and/or medication. Maintaining good mental health is invaluable to having a feeling of overall wellbeing.

You might be able to pay less Council Tax if someone in your household has a severe mental impairment.

Our COVID 19 Mental Health Information Point contains a range of information and resources that you can use to overcome any anxieties you may have during this time of uncertainty.  

You can find information about:

  • self-help techniques to manage symptoms or prevent problems developing or getting worse
  • services that might be able to help and advise you

Anger management

  • The British Association of Anger Management - anger Management is the first step towards a healthier happier life. Attending a course will help you learn skills and tools needed to better manage your anger and that of others.
  • NHS Choices - find out techniques for releasing anger in a healthy way. Unresolved anger is linked to high blood pressure, anxiety and depression.
  • How to cope with anger - explains anger, giving practical suggestions for what you can do and where you can go for support. Also includes advice for friends and family.

Cheshire East All Age Mental Health Strategy 2019-2022 

The Cheshire East All Age Mental Health Strategy 2019-2022 (PDF, 5MB) is our strategy for people with a with a functional mental health condition. A functional mental health condition is one with a predominantly psychological cause and includes conditions such as depression, schizophrenia, mood disorders and anxiety. 

The strategy proposes a whole system approach to improve the mental health and wellbeing of individuals and their families and is supported by integrated health and social care services, resilient communities, inclusive employers and services that maximise independence and choice. 

Nine priority areas for delivery are highlighted in the strategy and have been chosen by looking at our own mental health support and by engaging with a range of partners as part of a co-production approach.

The priorities are as follows;

  • transition from Childhood to Adulthood
  • cared for children and care leavers
  • employment
  • personality disorder
  • crisis care
  • building sustainable communities
  • justice and mental health,
  • commissioning more effective services 
  • mental health law reform 

For more information on the strategy email, Senior Commissioning Manager.

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