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Did you know that on average 53,004 people volunteer in Cheshire East, each week volunteers contribute 74,522 hours of their time and on average people are volunteering for around one and half hours per week?

There's good evidence that volunteering brings benefits to both the person volunteering and the people and organisations they support.

  • volunteering is a good way to meet people and connect to your community
  • it can boost your quality of life and help you to feel healthier and happier
  • you can develop new skills and enhance your CV
  • volunteering can help to improve your confidence and self-esteem
  • you can make a real difference

Volunteers in Cheshire East play an important role in the work that Cheshire East Council does and without their hard work and dedication many of our community based activities would cease to function.

CVS Cheshire East (CVSCE) works to promote and increase volunteering opportunities across the whole of Cheshire East. This includes:

  • advertising and promoting a wide range of volunteering opportunities
  • providing advice and support to individuals wishing to volunteer
  • providing specialist support to enable organisations to deliver good practice in all aspects of managing volunteers

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