Youth Court Process

The young person must attend the Youth Court specified at the time and date set by the police. 

If the young person was not granted bail, they will be taken to court by social services or the police, depending on who housed the them from the time of charge until the court appearance. 

The person(s) with parental responsibility for the young person should also attend court. If the young person was given bail, this is an undertaking to attend the specified Youth Court at the time and date set by the police. 

Implementation of orders

An order is made by the Courts when someone is found guilty of an offence. It details the punishment that people must receive for their offences. 

A community sentence, or a non-custodial sentence, means that people serve their punishment in the community. 

The Youth Justice Board for England and Wales is a non-departmental public body. The aim of the Youth Justice Board is to prevent offending by children and young people. 

When young people first get into trouble, behave antisocially or commit minor offences, they can be dealt with outside of the court system. If children are behaving antisocially, the police and local authority can use a variety of pre-court orders including:

  • acceptable behaviour contracts
  • criminal behaviour orders
  • local child curfews
  • child safety orders

If they have committed a first or second minor offence the police and the Youth Justice Service will consider an out of court disposal.

The purpose of these out of court disposals are to stop young people getting sucked into the Youth Justice System too early, whilst still offering them the help and support they need to stop offending.The Youth Justice Board website shows how the Youth Justice System works, what and who is involved. 

Alternatively, there is a "Referral Orders and Youth Offender Panels - Guidance for Courts, Youth Offending Teams and Youth Offender Panels" document available to view on the Home Office website. 

Parenting order

This order may be imposed for up to one year and requires parents to comply with any requirements of the order, and to attend counselling or guidance sessions at least once a week for a period of three months. The order is available for the parents of any young person convicted of an offence, provided the court is satisfied that the order will assist in preventing further offending.

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