Common Assessment Framework (CAF)

The Common Assessment Framework is a list of questions that we ask to find out what needs a family has including a child or young person or adult and how to meet those needs. We use similar questions as other agencies use across the country.

CAF can be used by staff across all agencies to assess a child’s needs at the earliest opportunity and enable them to work together more effectively to deliver support.

Stages of CAF

  1. We talk to a child or young person, their family and other practitioners and write our assessment in a standard form. This helps us to create an action plan. You will need to agree to your own assessment and action plan.
  2. Someone called 'the lead professional' takes responsibility for keeping in touch with the family and to review the action plan regularly. The lead professional co-ordinates the actions of different agencies who work with the child or young person and their family to meet their needs

CAF leaflets for children, young people and families

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Common Assessment Framework (CAF)
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