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Sports Coaching North West

Sports Coaching North West: Running a holiday club during the Christmas holidays for children aged 5-13 years. Visit Sports Coaching North West to book online and for full information, which includes other locations. Children will be in bubbles of up to 15, there will be temperature checks on arrival for coaches and children, and everyone will need to sanitise every hour and a half, between activities. They also accept childcare vouchers. For queries and to discuss specific arrangements phone 01270 449770.

Sandbach Boys School

  • Monday 21 to Wednesday 23 December:
  • Prices: Early Drop Off 8am-9am, £5 per day; Day Rate 9am-3pm, £20 per day; Full Day 9am-5pm, £25 per day.
  • Swim ‘n’ Splash: 9am-3pm, £25 per day
  • Cricket: 9am-3pm, £25 per day

Ability For All

Running disability activities for children and adults, for all Ability For All members across Cheshire East. Places need to be booked in advance.

For more information visit Ability for All on the Everybody Sport and Recreation site.

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