Family Information Service fact sheets

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The below documents are currently being updated, please contact us if you want to view an out of date copy of the documents below.

The Family Information Service (FIS) collection of fact sheets address a variety of children and family related topics. Fact sheets are updated and revised inline with the latest guidance and legislation.

Use the subject list below to find the fact sheets you are interest in.

  • Fact sheet 1 – Information for families (PDF, 400KB)
  • Fact sheet 2 – Maternity and paternity leave (PDF, 200KB)
  • Fact sheet 3 – Parental leave and shared parental leave (PDF, 300KB)
  • Fact sheet 4 – Registered and informal childcare (PDF, 300KB)
  • Fact sheet 5 – Choosing childcare and childcare options (PDF, 450KB)
  • Fact sheet 6 – Visiting a childcare provider (PDF, 250KB)
  • Fact sheet 7 – Your contract with your childcare provider (PDF, 300KB)
  • Fact sheet 8 – Flexible working (PDF, 300KB)
  • Fact sheet 9 – Tax-free childcare and childcare vouchers (PDF, 300KB)
  • Fact sheet 10 – Universal credit and tax credits (PDF, 270KB)
  • Fact sheet 11 – Free early education entitlement (PDF, 400KB)

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