Integrated Review at Age 2

What is an Integrated Review at Age 2?

From September 2015 Department for Education and Department of Health have had a vision to bring together the EYFS Progress Check at age two with the HCP 2- 2½ years Health and Development review into an integrated process referred to as the ‘Integrated Review at Age 2’.

By Integrating the current health and early years development reviews it has the potential to give a more complete and accurate picture of the child by drawing together:

  • Parents’ views and concerns about their child’s progress
  • The early years practitioner’s detailed knowledge of how the child is learning and developing, based on day-to-day observation in their early years setting.
  • The health professionals expertise in the health and development of young children.

(Reference: DH and DfE joint Integrated Review Development Group January 2012)

What does the Integrated Review look like in Cheshire East?

The Integrated Review will follow one of two pathways. Information will be recorded in the Personal Child Health Record ( PCHR also known as the ‘red book’).

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