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Advice for parents during coronavirus if your child is unwell

The Parenting Journey will support you from pregnancy until your child starts school.  With a mixture of sessions from stay and plays in your Children’s Centre to your Health Visitor coming to visit you.  It is a fun way for you to learn more about your babies / child’s development, speak to health and childcare professionals along with a chance to meet other parents. 

Contact your children's centre, speak to your health visitor or contact family information service to find out when your next stop is.

The 12 stops

Antenatal - Stops 1 and 2 

Stop 1 - A home visit from you're Health Visitor to talk about their role and discuss you and your family's health.

Stop 2 - A session offering advice and information on preparing for the arrival of you're baby and to find out about your Children's Centre.

Health Visitor home visits - Stops 3 and 4   

Stop 3 - New Birth visit where your Health Visitor talks to you about you and your baby’s health and development.

Stop 4 - At between 4 - 6 weeks your health visitor will visit you to provide on going support for you and your baby.  They will also identify any additional help you feel you may need.

  • NHS New Birth Visit - A guide to what information and advice is available at these visits.
  • Start4Life -  Parenthood information including breastfeeding, vaccinations, your mental health and much more.  
  • Baby Buddy App - provides advice to help you look after you and you baby’s mental and physical health.
  • CATCH APP - free health app providing personalised information and guidance for parents and carers of children aged 0-5

Babies Together - Stop 5  

Birth - 12 months - A weekly stay and play session in your local children's centre providing activities for your babies development, information and advice from Family Service Workers and Health Professionals and an opportunity to meet with other parents and babies of a similar age.

Weaning Together - Stop 6  

4 – 7 months - A session on introducing your babies to solid foods delivered jointly by Health Professionals and Family Service Workers.

12 month Review - Stop 7  

9 – 12 months - An opportunity to discuss your child’s health and development with a Health Visitor.

Stay and Play Together - Stop 8 and 9 

From 12 months - A fun and active stay and play sessions in your local children's centre supporting your child's development.  With information and advice from Family Service Workers and Health Professionals. 

  • Hungry Little Minds - Lots of simple, fun activities for you and your toddler.  Your child take's everything in, and even the smallest things you do with them can make a big difference.
  • Tiny Happy People - Activities, play ideas and expert advice to develop your toddlers development and their communication skills.
  • Story Time from the BookTrust - Interactive books to read online or watch with signing.
  • Words for Life - provides lots of ideas, activities and top tips to encourage talking.
  • National Literacy Trust - Family Zone provides fun things to make and do together.
  • Change4Life - Games and activities to keep your kids active
  • Rhymetimes - Enjoy songs, rhymes and rhythm with your child at your local library.
  • Small Talk - Information and guidance on communication and language from The Communication Trust

2 Year Old Integrated Review - Stop 10 

Age 2 is an important time for children.  It is the ideal time to celebrate your child's achievements and an opportunity to provide your child with any extra help they might need.  This review brings together the thoughts of you the parent, your health visitor and your childcare provider. 

Chat, Play and Read Together - Stop 11 

Age 3 – 4 years - Fun and active play sessions themed around favourite books to find out more about helping your child to chat, play and read at home.

Ready, Steady School Stop 12

Ready Steady School - A fun and active play session to support you and your child in getting ready for school.

More Information on your Parenting Journey

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Also like your local Children's Centre to find out what groups are running and when.

For more information on your Parenting Journey contact your children's centre, speak to your health visitor or contact family information service

Useful websites

  • Bookstart - Book recommendations and games for under 5's
  • Home Safety - Downloadable Parents’ Pack aimed at helping parents identify the key risks of accidents and help prevent them.
  • Early language development - ICAN provides a guide to the typical stages of speech and language development in babies, children and young people.
  • Start4Life - Help and advice for a healthy and happy baby / child.
  • The Communication Trust - Ages and stages of your child's communication development
  • The Lullaby Trust - Safer sleep for babies
  • CATCH free health app aimed at parents and carers of children aged 0-5
  • Talking Point - information on children’s communication

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