A Guide to Fair Processing of Your Personal Data

Why does the Sure Start Children’s Centre need information about you?

  • To determine the level of service and support that you may require
  • To discover the type of service that you are receiving and plan future services
  • To monitor and check the level of services that we are providing for everyone overall

How does the Centre acquire the information?

Either from yourself or from someone supporting you e.g. a health visitor.

Who will have access to your information?

Staff working with you and other partner agencies in the Children’s Centre will need to know about you so we can give you the best level of service. Your information will not be used by anyone else unless we ask your permission.

How can you find out what information the Children’s Centre has in connection with you?

You can either contact the Children’s Centre directly or contact our Data Protection Officer.

How secure is the information that I submit to the Centre?

The Children’s Centre is, committed to complying with current data protection legislation which means that information about you must be correct, up to date, kept safely and securely and only used to assist and support you or your family.

The Children’s Centre follows the principles of and respects your data rights as detailed in the General Data Protection Regulations.

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