"Being dressed makes me weller"

#endpjparalysis is a national social media campaign aimed at getting patients up, dressed and mobile during their time in hospital.  Hospitals are encouraging patients to bring day clothes along with sensible shoes so that they are able to get dressed as soon as they are well enough to do so. District Nurses are also spreading the message and encouraging patients at home to get up, dressed and be mobile.  Being in bed with your pyjamas on reduces mobility, weakens muscle strength, creates a loss of independence and increases length of time in hospital.

Get up and get dressed

Wearing pyjamas long than you need to  can make you feel vulnerable

Get moving and go home

Being mobile helps you recover more quickly from illness and injury. So we will be encouraging you to get out of bed when you're well enough and get dressed and get moving.

If your loved one is admitted to hospital

Please bring an overnight bag with day clothes and night clothes for them.  Make sure you include items they need such as glasses, hearing aid and walking aids so they can get up and about.

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