People's Network Computers

Our public computers are available by appointment only. Please contact your library in advance to book a session.

Access the internet, email, and a range of resources on library PCs

Cheshire Libraries provide People's Network computers . This means that library users can access the Internet, email, and a range of learning resources and office applications on library PCs, free for the first hour of each booking, subject to the acceptance of our terms and conditions (PDF, 401KB). All you need is a library membership card, which is also free! Users under the age of 18 are asked to bring a signed parental consent form (PDF, 401KB) as well.

There is a charge for guest users and further time beyond the initial hour of use. Computers are automatically shut down 15 minutes before the library closes.

We also provide free WiFi access for library members who wish to bring their own devices.

New to the internet

If you are new to the Internet or not very confident you may find these links useful:

Using a mouse or a keyboard

Learn to use a mouse with the Mousing Around tutorial.
Playing games is a great way to get used to using the mouse. Try playing Solitaire on our People's Network computers.

To learn more about the keyboard, try the short Learn my Way course (no headphones required).

There are more games for mouse and keyboard on the Learn my Way website


Most of our libraries offer help and information to get you started. Our libraries are UK Online Centres and we offer IT Buddy and staff-led sessions, such as the Learn my Way basics course. Contact your local library for details.

Help with using and staying safe on the internet

Helping other people to get online

Ask at your local library about becoming a Volunteer IT Buddy or visit our Volunteering page for further details. You can find out more about opportunities via the Digital Unite Digital Champions Network.