Allotment sites in Cheshire East

Allotment site details

Adlington allotment sites

  • Meadowside

Allotment is managed by Adlington Parish Council. Further information is available from the Parish Clerk.


Alderley Edge allotment sites

  • Beech Close
  • Chorley Hall Lane
  • Heyes Lane

The allotment sites of Beech Close, Chorley Hall and Heyes Lane have recently been transferred to the Parish Council; these sites are currently managed by The Alderley Edge Allotment and Garden Society on behalf of the Parish.

Alsager allotment sites

  • Cedar Avenue 
  • Coronation Avenue
  • Lawton Road
  • Talke Road

For information on these sites email Alsager Gardens Association or visit the Alsager Garden Association website

Crewe allotment sites

  • Alton Street
  • Brookhouse
  • Claughton Avenue
  • Ford Lane
  • Electricity Street
  • Henry Street
  • Hulme Street
  • Hungerford Road
  • Manor Way
  • Ruskin Road
  • Walker Street

For current information regarding the above sites you can email Crewe Town Allotment Federation or telephone George Cornes, Federation Chair on 07736868818.

Disley allotment sites

There are 3 allotment sites in Disley (with approximately 30 plots) which are administered by the Parish Council, in conjunction with Disley Allotment Association:

  • Greystones, Newtown
  • Hagg Bank
  • Springfield

For information regarding registration, charges or plot availability for any of these sites contact Disley Parish Council on 01663-762726 or email

Further information about the allotments and allotmenteering is available on the Disley Allotment Association facebook page: Disley Allotmenteers


  • Lincoln Road

Site leased to and managed by Dean Row Allotment Society (on behalf of Riverside Housing).

For further information, contact the Society directly via their website:

Knutsford allotment sites

  • Mereheath Lane
  • Sparrow Lane
  • Warren Avenue

For more information on sites including charges phone 01565 653 929, email or visit the allotment information from Knutsford Town Council.

Macclesfield allotment sites

  • Birtles Road
  • Brookfield Lane
  • Byrons Street, Maple Avenue
  • Knowsley Road
  • Laburnum Road
  • Lyme View, Sutton
  • Park Grove, South Park
  • Springfield Road
  • Springhill, Hurdsfield
  • Stamford Road

For more information on these sites including charges phone 01625 383791

Middlewich allotment sites

  • Booth Lane - Contact Laura Searle (Middlewich Allotment Association)
  • Long Lane - Mark Brazendale (Long Lane Allotment Association) 01606 836490

Nantwich allotment sites

  • Brookfield Allotment Site
  • Welshman’s Lane Allotment Site

For further information on these sites contact Nantwich Town Council, phone 01270 619224 or email

Over Alderley

Allotment is managed by Over Alderley Parish Council. Further information is available from the  Parish Clerk.


Parish allotment sites

  • Shavington - Contact Mrs C M Jones on 01270 812065 or 07974 069514
  • Willaston - Contact Mr M. Langhorn on 01270 664152

Rental prices are £23.20 per plot, per annum, concessionary rate £13.65 per plot, per annum

Poynton allotment sites

  • Coppice Road

The allotment site on Coppice Road, Poynton is administered by Poynton Town Council. There is currently a waiting list for plots, but if you would like to be added to the waiting list phone Poynton Town Council on 01625 872238 or email Further information about the Coppice Road Allotments and allotmenteering in general is available on the Coppice Road Allotments Association website.

Wilmslow allotment sites

  • Cliff Road
  • Dingle Avenue
  • Land Lane

For more information on this site including charges phone 01625 383791

Wistaston allotment sites