Holding an event in a Cheshire East park

Cheshire East Council has many parks and areas of public open space for everyone to enjoy. These areas can provide an ideal location for events, celebrations or fund raising opportunities.

Crowd of people in a park.To hold an event you will need to provide full details of what you propose. We will then consider the proposal in the light of the Council’s policies. You need permission for any events organised within Council owned public open space. We have a range of fees that we charge to cover events. The level of charge depends on the nature and scale of the event.

The Council expect event organisers to pay for any damages.

Making your application

You may find it helpful to read the guidelines at the front of the documentation before you complete the form to ensure you have all the information you need to hand. You should include as much detailed information as possible, to help us to quickly respond to your request.

It can take up to 8 weeks for an application to be processed by all parties involved, make sure that you apply in plenty of time. Payments, if applicable, must be made 4 weeks in advance of the event, or where donations apply 2 weeks following your event.

Print and post your applications to:

Andrew Latham
Outdoor Events Manager
Cheshire East Council
Floor 2
Municipal Buildings
Earle Street

Essential information you will require

  • Confirmation of Public Liability Insurance Cover for value of £5million
  • Completion of Risk Assessment documentation, guidance within documentation.


Types of events and facilities

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