Working for Cheshire East Council

Career development

We want you to reach your full potential at Cheshire East Council. Whatever your role, we’ll encourage you to develop new skills and expertise and build on your strengths.

We’ll give you as much ownership as possible over your own development and career journey. You’ll have a personal development plan, with constructive performance appraisals and one-to-one reviews with your manager so we can work with you to plan your future.

Our Workforce Development team has built an impressive suite of learning and training activities that provide a rounded and learner-centred experience. This includes a new learning management system that enables you to manage your own learning online. A revamped leadership and management development programme has been launched around the Council’s behaviours and this is supported by access to professional training and more formal academic qualifications through the Continuing Professional Development route or through an apprenticeship.


All managers within Cheshire East Council are trained to use a coaching style in their conversations with staff during 1:1, supervision and performance development conversations. Along with this there is also an offer of Coaching Support for any member of staff which is a useful way of developing a person's skills and abilities and boosting their performance. It can also help deal with issues and challenges. These sessions are offered by a group of in house trained coaches.

Page last reviewed: 19 July 2021