Pay and benefits


Cheshire East Council offers fair and competitive rates of pay across a range of pay grades which each have provision for incremental progression.

The grade for each post is determined though an objective job evaluation process to ensure fairness and equity and there are provisions for employees to ask for their grading to be reviewed if they feel that their job has developed or their responsibilities have increased.

New employees to the council will normally be appointed to the minimum scale point for their pay grade, unless they have previous service which may be taken into account,  and progression through the pay scale will be by annual increments on the anniversary of their appointment, up to the maximum.

Salary is paid on the 18th of the month, into the individual’s nominated bank or building society account.


Employees are offered benefits including pensions, salary sacrifice schemes and a range of training and development opportunities to enable them to progress within the Council.

We are continually updating our employment policies to ensure that they are comprehensive and forward thinking and that they meet the organisation’s legal and moral responsibilities to our staff. We are committed to the promotion of equality in all employment related matters and this commitment will be reflected within these policies.


Cheshire East employees have the option to join the Local Government Pensions Scheme. Employees will be automatically enrolled into this scheme, if their contract of employment is for three months or more and they are aged under 75.

Employees with a contract of employment for less than three months and who are aged under 75, can choose to join the scheme by completing an ‘Option to Join Form’ which can be found on the Cheshire Pension Fund website

Working arrangements

The standard working hours are 37 per week, worked over a range of days and/or shift patterns depending on each particular post. However, we recognise the importance of our staff achieving a good work-life balance and, depending on the nature of the job, can offer a range of flexible working patterns.

A flexible working hours scheme is also in operation for some posts which means that individuals, can vary their starting, lunch and leaving times to suit their personal needs, providing this is compatible with the smooth running of their department or service. The scheme also allows staff to take flexi-leave of up to 2 days per month.

Training and development

All new employees receive an effective induction tailored to their own individual needs and through our performance development review process, will have their own personal development plan. A range of corporate training programmes and opportunities are available to help individuals to develop their own potential and progress their careers.

We also run very successful apprenticeship and graduate management programmes.

Leave and time off

Annual leave and bank holidays

The annual leave entitlement for each year (April to March) is 25 days, increasing to 30 days after 5 years continuous local government service. Additionally 8 days bank holidays are granted each year.

Pro-rata calculations for these entitlements are applicable for part-time staff and for new employees who join/leave part way through the leave year.

In addition to the standard annual leave entitlement, employees are offered the opportunity to purchase an additional 10 days leave each year under our purchase of annual leave scheme.

We have a range of family friendly policies, including maternity leave, paternity leave, adoption leave and parental leave which make provision for employees to have the time-off they need in these circumstances

We also recognise that, from time to time, individuals may need time off for other personal or domestic reasons and has in place a range of time-off provisions to support staff in these circumstances.

Health and well-being

Cheshire East Council is a non-smoking organisation and employees joining us will be required to comply with these arrangements.

Applicants who have been offered employment with the Council may be asked to complete a medical questionnaire. This will be considered by our occupational health advisor who will advise the manager on the individual’s fitness for the job and any adjustments or special arrangements that may need to be made.

Page last reviewed: 02 September 2015