Work experience week with the web team

Eve Davenport

This is a little blog I put together about what I got up to during my week with the web team. This is intended for people who have or considering having a placement with Cheshire East council and to give them reassurance because there isn't anything to worry about. Don't worry they won't make you serve tea.

Day 1

Today was a first day at work. When I got to work I was introduced to Steve. Steve has helped me to learn new skills about work it’s been really interesting about how much work goes into making and maintaining a website today. (i also got given a lanyard so i can open doors.)

This morning before I left the house I was extremely nervous but now later on in the day  I don’t even know why I was worrying so much I really had nothing to worry about. This morning Steve gave me a small tour around the building. He also introduced me to different softwares they use here at Cheshire East council.

I learnt about the local government by doing a small course which was a bit confusing at first but I got the hang of it. (I also have two computer screens which is real handy just thought i should point that out.)

Later on in the day I leant what  WCAG means and how the council has to consider this when making and editing their websites. By law they have to incorporate easy accessibility into their websites for people with disabilities. I also did another course on easy accessibility. 

I got to learn about the different types of code that makes up a website. I then got to inspect code of a website. 

Day 2

Today has been great too! Today has flown by its crazy how quickly it's gone by. I can definitely say I have gained my barings and settled quite quickly, I honestly do not know why I was worrying so much yesterday, everyone here is so nice and welcoming (to be honest I much prefer this to school its much more relaxing).

This morning I had my first ever meeting which was quite interesting to experience.

This afternoon i learned about public affairs and I learned about the council’s standards and guidance and how they have to follow them when making webpages, an example of this is that web editors have to use headings in order other wise it can not be published live on the website.

Day 3

Today I started off by having another conference call/meeting. Today I learned about analytics (stats) which was yet again confusing at first but I slowly got the hang of it.

I then practised by making my first ever webpage (it was about toast) but it was just for learning purposes so I didn’t publish, well I don’t think Cheshire east wouldn’t liked to have a webpage about toast, well I would if I had a website. To do this I used a piece of software called Contensis Dev.

Day 4

Today I did mostly work; I approved websites which was a bit nerve-racking as I was worried about deleting anything I wasn’t supposed to, luckily I didn’t phew.

I then deleted unused links that weren't being used on the website. I then got to fix broken hyperlinks which was really fun and interesting. I had to do this by changing the already existing hyperlink and replace it with another hyperlink. There can be many reasons why a hyperlink may not work correctly, some reasons are:

  • The page may not exist anymore 
  • The URL link may not be correct 
  • The page may of been moved  

Day 5 

Today is my last day at work and to be honest I don't want to go, this week has been amazing to experience work, and I am going to miss the frequent cups of tea. 

Today I have been working a lot, I have been approving and declining websites again, I had 36 to go through, one by one, I did manage to get through around 30 of them but I couldn't do the other 6 as I ran out of time. 

I am definitely going to miss coming here, the week has flown by and I couldn't thank everyone here at Cheshire East for being so welcoming and kind! 

I definitely recommend coming here for work experience if computers and coding is something that interests you I recommend coming here. 

Thank you for the opportunity, 


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