Cheshire East Council, working for a brighter future together – shared purpose, well led, valued people… succeeding together

We have a shared purpose

  • We hold our customers and communities at the heart of what we do,keeping them informed and engaged
  • We have a clear understanding of the council’s priorities and how we all contribute to achieving them
  • We’re committed to building a positive workplace culture and living our first values

We are supported and well led

  • We feel confident and are supported in challenging all unacceptable behaviour
  • We are well led by people with the right skills and behaviours to motivate,manage and support their teams
  • We are supported, developed and trusted to do our jobs, to try new ways of working and to learn from both our successes and mistakes
  • Ultimately, we feel free to speak and safe to act

We are treated fairly and highly valued

  • Our work and behaviours are recognised, valued and rewarded and we celebrate success
  • We respect and value each others’ differences and well being
  • We apply policies and processes equally and fairly, to enable the right outcomes to be achieved quickly and responsibly
  • Our concerns are listened to and where action is required – we act on it

We succeed together

  • We look forward to giving and receiving constructive feedback as a way of continually growing together
  • We clearly understand our roles and responsibilities and know and build on each others’ strengths
  • Working together across the organisation and beyond, we are positive partners, collaborating and co-producing to achieve our goals
  • We enjoy coming to work – working together to do a great job

Download the Vision (PDF, 139KB)

Page last reviewed: 23 September 2021