In-Town living

Rejuvenating town centres by bringing empty or under-utilised properties back into use

What is In-Town living

As the name suggests In-Town Living is about increasing the number of people who live in a town centre. In-Town Living has been nationally recognised as being integral to the success and sustainability of any major town centre regeneration project, and has the ability to provide a consistent stream of people in a town centre area, which can then provide key support for retail and service sectors and contribute towards a more secure economic future for an area.

In-Town Living has been identified as a key objective within the Macclesfield Town Centre Vision and the imminent major regeneration project within the town. A strategic partnership of the Council, registered social housing providers and local businesses has been developing plans to regenerate the accommodation provision in Macclesfield town centre.

If successful, the In-Town Living project could be replicated in other towns across Cheshire East.  

Our vision

To bring empty or under-utilised properties back into a useable condition and to stimulate interest to support a rejuvenated town centre.

Aims of the project

  • To increase the numbers of people living in and relying on the town centre area of Macclesfield;
  • To identify suitable empty / under-utilised properties in the town centre (whether they are currently commercial or residential) and work with the owners to return those properties to a useable state for re-occupation;
  • To conduct further work to identify other empty / under-utilised properties which would be potential candidates for a full or partial conversion into another use such as converting a commercial property into a residential one or a mixture of commercial and residential; and
  • To introduce a mixture of tenure types to the town centre area to support those who are economically active as well as those who would require state assistance

Macclesfield town centre housing strategy

The Macclesfield Town Centre Housing Strategy has grown out of the In-Town Living Project and is designed to set out how housing can play its part in the regeneration of the town. This will be achieved by providing strategic guidance on the available options for owners of empty or under-utilised properties, and details how to bring those properties back into a useable condition for re-occupation.

The strategy will also provide background as to what’s been happening to Britain’s town centres over the last few years and why regeneration is needed at a local level in Macclesfield. Furthermore, it will seek to provide evidence on the demand requirements for housing in the Town Centre area across various tenures by incorporating primary and secondary research into the document.

Page last reviewed: 31 January 2022