Privately rented homes

The private rented sector is an important part of our housing stock.

Many people will live in the private rented sector at one time or another, whether its the first home for new households, a 'bolt hole' when personal circumstances change, a stop-gap as people move house or change jobs, while they are at university, or a long-term home.

This section contains information for both landlords and tenants, so that you know what your responsibilities and rights are, and you have access to information and advice as you need it.

Cheshire landlord accreditation scheme

Accreditation schemes help to set good landlords apart from the rest. For more information about landlord accreditation in Cheshire, please visit our Landlord Accreditation pages.

Letting agents and property managers redress schemes

It is now a legal requirement for all letting agents and property managers in England to belong to a Government approved redress scheme. We can impose a fine of up to £5,000 where a letting agent or property manager who should have joined a scheme has not done so.

The three approved schemes are:

The intention is that all 'high street' and web based letting agents and other organisations that carry out lettings agency work in the course of a business will be required to be part of the redress scheme. Estate agents who also carry out lettings agency work should check with their redress scheme whether the terms of their existing membership covers their lettings agency works as well as their estate agency work.

Property management work means things done by a person in the course of a business in response to instructions from another person who wants to arrange services, repairs, maintenance, improvement, insurance or to deal with any other aspect of the management of residential premises, where the property is let under a long lease, an assured tenancy or a protected tenancy. The legislation doesn't apply to informal arrangements, such as where it is a family member or friend looking after a property without payment. Full details can be found in the legislation.

What does this mean for tenants and landlords?

Tenants and landlords dealing with letting agents and property managers will be able to complain to an independent person about the service they have received. This will make it easier for tenants and landlords to complain about bad service and prevent disputes escalating.

If you have a complaint about the service you have received from your letting agent or property manager, you should refer to the redress scheme of which they are a member to find out how to make a complaint.

If your letting agent or property manager is not a member of a redress scheme, please contact us. We will investigate and, if appropriate, issue a fine.  

If you are a tenant and your complaint is about the condition of your home, see the information about Housing Standards.

Landlord news letters

Page last reviewed: 15 March 2022