Property standards

Improving property standards in the private rented sector

Members of the Cheshire Landlord Accreditation Scheme agree to maintain properties to the following standards, or work towards these standards.

Gas safety

  1. All gas appliances are checked and serviced annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer.
  2. Carbon monoxide detectors are installed near to all gas appliances and any non-balanced flue gas boiler.

Electrical safety

  1. All electrical appliances supplied by the landlord are subject to PAT testing by a qualified electrician on a regular basis.
  2. There are adequate electrical sockets, negating the need for excessive use of extension leads or overloading of adapter plugs.
  3. A periodic installation certificate is provided at a minimum of 5 year intervals by a competent person enrolled with an approved Part P Competent Person Scheme.

Fire safety

  1. Smoke alarms are provided on each floor of the property in a suitable location.
  2. If battery-powered, the smoke alarms are tested on at least an annual basis and at a change of tenancy.
  3. A fire blanket is provided in the kitchen.
  4. PLEASE NOTE: For HMOs , please seek advice from the Private Sector Housing team on the appropriate standards for your property.

General condition

  1. The property is structurally stable and walls, roof, chimney and rainwater goods are in good repair.
  2. The drainage system is effective for both foul and surface water.
  3. The property is free from damp, mould and excessive condensation.


  1. All external doors and frames are resistant to unauthorised entry: of a strong construction, well-fitted, in good condition, and fitted with a five-lever mortise lock.
  2. All windows that are accessible from the ground level are resistant to unauthorised entry: of a strong construction, well-fitted, in good condition, and fitted with suitable window locks that can be easily released in the event of a fire.
  3. A burglar alarm system has a maximum 20-minute cut-out.
  4. The approach to the property is adequately lit.

Heating and energy efficiency

  1. An adequate, efficient and economic source of heating is provided throughout the property, provided through central heating or individual space heaters which can be individually controlled by tenants. These heaters are not fuelled by portable bottled gas or paraffin.
  2. The loft is insulated to at least a depth of 270mm.
  3. The hot water tank is insulated.
  4. Cavity walls are insulated.
  5. Low energy light bulbs are fitted at a change of tenancy.
  6. Oil fired heating systems are serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

Lighting and ventilation

  1. Mechanical extractor fans are fitted to the kitchen, bathroom and toilet, where opening window space is insufficient.
  2. There is sufficient natural and/or artificial light throughout the property.
  3. Stairwells are well-lit, and there is a 2-way light switch on the stairs.
  4. Windows can be opened with ease.

Falls prevention

  1. Stair treads are in good repair and have a non-slip surface.
  2. There is a secure handrail provided on the stairs.
  3. Landings, balconies, open-sided staircases and low windows are suitably guarded to prevent falls between levels.

Internal layout and occupancy

  1. The kitchen is of a suitable size and safe layout for the optimum number of occupants of the property, for the storage, preparation and cooking of food.
  2. There are sufficient bathrooms for the optimum number of occupants of the property, and are suitably located. For example, for a 2 bedroom or larger property, the bathroom is not access through a bedroom which is in use.
  3. The floor to ceiling height is at least 2.1metres (7 feet).
  4. Double bedrooms are a minimum size of 9.5sq.m. and are occupied by no more than 2 persons.
  5. Single bedrooms are a minimum size of 6.5sq.m. and are occupied by no more than 1 person.

Hygiene and waste disposal

  1. There is a hot and cold water supply to the kitchen and bathroom and any other sinks.
  2. The kitchen is easy to clean and keep hygienic by the tenant.
  3. Adequate refuse disposal and recycling facilities are provided, in a suitable location.
  4. Floor coverings in the kitchen, bathroom and toilets are easily cleaned with domestic disinfectant products.

Decoration and furnishings

  1. The property is in good decorative order.
  2. Furniture and soft furnishings provided by the landlord are in good condition at the start of a tenancy and comply with the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988 (as amended).

External appearance

  1. The property and all outbuildings, gardens, yard and boundaries are maintained in good condition and do not detract from the visual amenity of the local area.

Page last reviewed: 06 September 2021