Management Standards

Improving management standards in the private rented sector

Landlords who are members of the Cheshire Landlord Accreditation Scheme agree to maintain the following standards, or work towards them.

Tenancy Agreements

  1. There are written tenancy agreements in place with all tenants in clear, easy to understand language.
  2. The tenancy agreements include:
  • the amount of rent, including dates and method of payment
  • details of any service charges, including the amount, what they are for and how they are calculated
  • each parties' responsibilities for utility bills and council tax
  • each parties' responsibilities for repairs, maintenance and cleaning, including appliances
  • the name, address and telephone number of the landlord including details of any managing agent's contact details, and emergency contact details
  • a clause making clear that nuisance and anti-social behaviour by the tenant, household members or visitors will not be tolerated
  • the amount of notice required by both parties to terminate the tenancy
  • the tenant's right to quiet enjoyment, and the landlord's right to enter the property with reasonable notice.

Rents and Deposits

  1. Where the tenant pays rent in cash, a receipt is issued to the tenant.
  2. Where a deposit is taken or a new tenancy agreement has been put in place since 6 April 2007, the landlord has protected the deposit in an approved tenancy deposit scheme and details are provided to the tenant.
  3. Where a deposit is held by the landlord and covered by one of the approved insurance schemes, the tenancy agreement states the maximum period following the termination of the tenancy by which the relevant amount of the deposit will be returned.
  4. Where the deposit is held by the Deposit Protection Service, the tenancy agreement states the maximum period following the termination of the tenancy by which the landlord will advise the Deposit Protection Service of the amount, if any, of the deposit to be returned.


  1. An inventory of the contents and condition of the property is produced and agreed with the tenant at the commencement of the tenancy, and is signed and dated by both parties.

Fire Safety

  1. A written fire safety risk assessment is carried out for the property.
  2. The tenant is advised about fire safety precautions at the start of the tenancy

Gas Safety

  1. The tenant is provided with a copy of the annual gas safety certificate.

Energy Performance Certificate

  1. Where the tenancy started after 1 October 2008, an energy performance certificate is provided.

Appliances, Utilities and Waste

  1. Tenants receive information on how to use the heating system and any appliances supplied as part of the tenancy.
  2. Tenants receive information on how to turn off the water, gas and electricity, in case of emergency.
  3. Tenants are advised about waste and recycling services and relevant collection dates.

Page last reviewed: 04 January 2018