Landlord management standards


This service is for individual private landlords who let accommodation in Cheshire East Borough. It provides private landlords with advice and hands-on assistance.

Aims of the Private Landlord Service:

  • to create a range of dedicated service packages for individual landlords operating in Cheshire East Borough who wish to let out their properties via our service
  • provide private landlords with an excellent service and the necessary support and assistance to protect your long term investment
  • provide you with a quick and hassle free tenant finding service plus aftercare utilising the substantial expertise of our Private Sector Liaison Officers coupled with the Cheshire Homechoice website. (This is only available with the Gold level of service)

There are 3 packages within the Private Landlord Services each delivers a higher more dedicated level of service, Bronze, Silver, Gold.

Illegal eviction and harassment

If you are a landlord and want advice about how to end a tenancy, or you are a tenant and are concerned about your landlord's actions, please contact us.

It is our responsibility to ensure that landlords comply with the law, act as an advisor to individuals and businesses and help them to comply with legal obligations without unnecessary expense. It may also be necessary to take firm action in some circumstances to regulate those who may ignore the law or act irresponsibly. Cheshire East Council accepts and acknowledges its responsibilities in ensuring that residents in the borough are not illegally evicted or harassed by their landlords.

Below is a range of factsheets to help people in the Private Sector understand their housing rights and responsibilities. These factsheets are courtesy of Shelter.

Is your Section 21 notice valid?

How can I end my tenancy?

What is illegal eviction?