Empty homes loan

A loan for owners to bring their empty homes back into use.

How much the loan can be worth

Up to £20,000.

What repairs you can get help with

Any repairs that are needed to bring the house up to an acceptable living standard. There are some exceptions such as gardens, annexes, garages, and shed. We will visit you to assess the repairs and agree what we will help with.

How you repay the loan

This is an interest-free monthly repayment loan. You start paying the loan back one month after we approve your loan, and you can pay it back over a period of up to five years. We have produced a Rough Guide to Monthly Repayments (PDF, 194KB) showing how much you can expect to pay depending on how much you borrow. 

Conditions for the loan

  • The property must be rented to a tenant for the duration of the loan agreement.
  • If you intend to let it yourself, or through a letting agent, you must become a member of our Landlord Accreditation Scheme.
  • You could lease the property to a property management company or social housing provider.
  • The rent charged to tenants must not exceed the local Housing Allowance rates.

How you apply

We are experiencing high demand for financial assistance for home repairs. Your details will be added to a waiting list, and enquiries will be prioritised to ensure we assist the most urgent cases first.

Complete the online Empty Homes Enquiry for Financial Assistance form.

Contact us


0300 123 5017 (select option 4)

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