Cheshire Homechoice logoApply for rented social housing in Cheshire East

Cheshire East does not have any council housing of its own and does not operate its own council housing waiting list. However, it is partnered with Wulvern, Plus Dane and Cheshire Peaks and Plains Housing Trusts, who advertise affordable rented properties (referred to as 'social housing') via a website called Cheshire Homechoice. Housing applications can therefore be made through the Homechoice website.

Apply for social housing through Cheshire Homechoice

  1. Firstly you need to register on Cheshire Homechoice (if you are not confident about using the internet you can contact us on 0300 123 5017 Option 1 and we can help you).
  2. Once registered, log in and complete the online housing application form . You may be asked to supply supporting evidence before you are able to take part in Cheshire Homechoice. If you don't it may delay the processing of your application.
  3. Search for rented social housing on Cheshire Homechoice. You can opt to view all available social housing, or search specific areas or types of housing using the detailed search options lower down on the page.
  4. You can bid (express an interest) on up to two properties a week. The landlord of the property will assess the people in most housing need first to see If the household is suited to that home. They may then be given a final interview where a few further checks will be made.
  5. If you are accepted as eligible, view the home and decide if you want it. If you do, the landlord for the property will guide you through the paperwork.

How social housing applications are assessed

Each application for social housing is assessed and awarded a priority banding between A and E, A being the highest and most urgent priority. Applicants with a fully assessed (active) application are then able to express interest in vacant properties. You can view the social housing allocations policy (PDF, 384KB) to see how properties are allocated in Cheshire East.

Other options for finding rented accommodation

  • Not all Housing Associations are partners with Cheshire Homechoice so you can also refer to other Housing Associations with social housing to rent in the Borough. These will have their own application process
  • You could also consider private rented accommodation if you are ineligible for social housing (or can't find something suitable)