Staying in your current home

Staying where you are allows you more time to make informed decisions and plan your move. We can either support you to remain in your home or assist you in finding somewhere else. This is dependent on your assessment with the Housing Options Team who will know if a move is needed.

The ways which we can help you stay in your home include:

  • Mediating with friends and family to accommodate you until you find a suitable accommodation
  • Dealing with notices to leave and possession action by landlords or mortgage lenders.
  • Advising on your legal rights and responsibilities to your property.
  • Money advice on rent arrears, claiming benefits and helping you to reorganise your income so that you can make affordable payments to reduce your debts.
  • Liaising with relevant agencies on improving the security of your home if you are at risk of violence.
  • We may also signpost you to other services which can make staying in your own home easier. E.g. floating support services or services which may be able to provide adaptations.

If you can no longer stay where you are and all efforts to retain your home fails, the housing options team can assess your situation whilst looking into other possible options.