Intentionally Homeless

The Housing Act states that those who have deliberately done or failed to do something that has caused the loss of accommodation may not be owed a homeless housing duty deeming them 'intentionally homeless'.

Examples of intentional homelessness include:

  • Selling a home where there was no risk of loss already
  • Failure or refusal to make mortgage or rental payments, when it would have been affordable to do so
  • Voluntarily leaving accommodation
  • Eviction due to violent or threatening behaviour
  • Eviction due to anti-social behaviour, nuisance or harassment towards neighbours
  • Leaving a job with tied accommodation if it would have been reasonable to continue in the employment.

All officers will investigate the circumstances of each case fully and applicants will be expected to co-operate in these enquiries and to provide any relevant supporting evidence.

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Page last reviewed: 04 May 2020