Sydney Road Bridge Improvement


The Victorian bridge on Sydney Road in Crewe provides one of the few points at which the West Coast Mainline (rail) can be crossed in Crewe.

The bridge was last strengthened in the late 1950s when traffic levels were considerably lower than they are today. The parapets of the existing bridge do comply with current standards traffic and the one- way working creates a “pinch point”, resulting in delays and traffic congestion.

Birds eye view of the existing bridge with Tiny Tots nursery to the left of the image

Air pollution and noise is increased due to the queuing traffic and the signals contribute to delays on this key route to Leighton Hospital. The narrow footpath over the bridge does not encourage sustainable travel and pedestrian safety is less than optimal.

Objectives of the scheme

The scheme is needed to increase capacity at this “pinch point” by replacing the existing single-lane structure with a new, wider structure capable of carrying two-way traffic, the scheme also provides:

  • improved facilities for pedestrians and cyclists
  • improved air quality in the vicinity of the bridge
  • improved safety for all road users

Scheme benefits

The benefits of the scheme are:

Artists impression of the completed scheme looking Northwest bound, towards the bridge,  from the new pedestrian crossing

  • provision of two-way traffic flow on the bridge and therefore improving capacity
  • improvements with respect to access and safety for pedestrians and cyclists
  • providing connections to other recently improved facilities
  • unlocking’ northern Crewe and promoting economic growth
  • reduction in traffic congestion and air pollution
  • reduction in delays to emergency vehicles travelling to and from Leighton Hospital and other key destinations served by the route
  • improvements to the resilience of the wider Crewe traffic management systems
  • the new, wider structure will provide a lower long term maintenance risk, resulting in a reduced impact on traffic flow during the life of the structure

When it is happening

Advanced preparation work for the scheme has started (April 2018). Sydney Road bridge will be closed for 26 weeks from October 2018 to protect the safety of the workforce. A temporary bridge will be installed for pedestrians.

Diversion route

Sydney Road bridge will be closed for 22 weeks and a diversion route (PDF, 672KB) will operate from Sydney Road, Hungerford Road, Manchester Bridge, A532 Vernon Way, B5076 Middlewich Street, Remer Street and Sydney Road.