Main Construction Works

The main construction works for the scheme started in May 2022. The works are being carried out by contractor Balfour Beatty on behalf of Cheshire East Council.

Site Schematic

The Construction works affecting existing roads will take place in:

  • Phase 1: Roundabout junction 1 and Roundabout junction 2 on the A530 Middlewich Road - May 2022 – Complete
  • Phase 2: Roundabout junction 3 and Roundabout junction 7 – In progress
  • Phase 3: Roundabout junction 4 and Flowers Lane link – In progress
  • Phase 4: Roundabout junction 5, East West Link Road, North South Spine Road/Roundabout 6 and Realignment of Smithy Lane

Current Phase

The remaining works of phase 2 will include the construction of roundabout junction 7. In addition, works will continue on phase 3 for the construction of roundabout 4 (on Flowers Lane) and works will also continue to progress on internal link roads and junctions. The construction activities will include:

  • Diversion of underground utilities
  • Building a new drainage system under the new road
  • Building new embankments
  • Building new roundabouts and carriageways

Where possible, the works will be carried out under two-way traffic lights. Due to significant construction activities on roundabout 4, closing Flowers Lane is required for the safety of both construction workers and road users. The remaining tie-in works for the roundabout 7 on Minshull New Road will be carried out under a full closure. Visit our traffic management page to keep up to date with road closure information.

The completion of remaining Phase 2 works will see a new roundabout on the Minshull New Road.

Engagement with the local community

The project team has partnered with local charities to support and provide assistance to events held in Crewe. Information of past and future events can be found within regular newsletter.

Contact information


For any site related queries, contact our Contractor’s Public Liaison Offer contact Steve Doolan (Balfour Beatty)


Telephone: +44 (0)7708487463

Page last reviewed: 23 June 2023