Local highways maintenance challenge fund 2019-20

Department for Transport (DfT) Lower Highway Maintenance Challenge Fund bid (under £5 Million)

Fund bid for  Flood Damaged Infrastructure and Targeted Resilience Schemes

Cheshire East Council has submitted an application to the DfT for Local Highway Maintenance Challenge funding for flood damage repairs and works to improve resilience in the public highway infrastructure following recent severe weather events.

The proposed programme of works will assist with the repair of damaged structures, retaining walls, culverts, roads and footways, drainage systems and pumping stations and increase the resilience of the highway network and to reduce the impact of these severe weather events in the future. 

The scheme documents

Townfield Farm, Kettleshume - Pott Shrigley

Bolshaws Embankment, Ketteshume - Pott Shrigley

Higher Lane, Disley

Ingersley Road, Bollington

Wards End Ret Wall, Poynton

Maw Green, Crewe