The Economic Benefit of HS2

As one of the first and most critical railway towns in the UK, Crewe has an unrivalled 185-year history of railway engineering and expertise and is home to some of the UK’s most advanced rail manufacturing, testing and engineering centres.

The creation of the HS2 linkage will boost Crewe’s economy.

The current economy is focused on engineering and manufacturing, with a number of notable successful businesses. 

However, a rapid link to London and other major cities, coupled with excellent motorway links and a significant predicted demand in the economy and attractive land values, creates a perfect combination to attract a wider range of employers as well as widening opportunities for existing businesses.

The development of plans for a HS2 Hub Station in Crewe will build on this to ensure that Crewe becomes one of the world’s leading engineering and heavy industry manufacturing locations. 

The long-term vision is for a town which is a nationally significant economic centre; one of the leading advanced engineering and manufacturing centres in England; and a sought-after place not only in Cheshire but the UK as a whole.

HS2 will also create and support opportunities in and around Macclesfield, which is also expected to benefit from HS2 services to London as part of Phase 2a.

Page last reviewed: 23 June 2022