How HS2 is physically proposed to affect Cheshire East

Any comments or queries about the HS2 route and how it may impact you should be addressed to HS2 directly via the following contacts:

The Route

The latest proposed route of HS2 can be found on HS2’s website.

Details of the HS2 works happening in your area can also be found on the HS2 website.

Both the HS2 Phase 2a and Phase 2b sections of the route pass through the borough. 

The route (Phase 2a) enters Cheshire East from Staffordshire at Checkley Brook and passes north west to Crewe, south of Crewe railway station. 

Phase 2b will then extend the route further north to Manchester, with proposals for a tunnel under Crewe town centre, and via Leighton, Mere, High Legh and Ashley.


Some properties are likely to be affected directly, possibly requiring demolition.

Properties can also be indirectly impacted in that a parcel of land may need to be acquired or there could be a noise or visual impact of both the construction or operation of this major new railway. 

Check the route to see if your property is:

  • in a safeguarded area in the rural support zone
  • in the homeowner payment zone
  • outside these zones

If you feel that your property is affected by the scheme, you may be able to sell your property to the government at its market (‘unblighted’) value or receive compensation from HS2.

The property scheme you’re eligible for depends on the location of your property and which phase of HS2 affects you. 

Find details of the schemes that you can apply for and whether you are eligible.

Wards the route is proposed to run through:

  • Wybunbury
  • Haslington/Shavington
  • Crewe South/Crewe East/Crewe Central/Crewe West
  • Crewe North/Crewe St Barnabas/Crewe East/Leighton
  • Bunbury/Brereton Rural/Middlewich
  • High Legh/Chelford/Mobberley

Page last reviewed: 23 June 2022