How HS2 is physically proposed to affect Cheshire East


Under the current preferred route, the HS2 line will stop at Crewe, forming a HS2 Hub Station on the site of the existing station. Crewe would receive two HS2 services to London per hour, with a journey time of just 55 minutes, cutting 30 minutes off the existing journey time of 90 minutes. HS2 services would also link to Liverpool and Preston.


Some properties are likely to be affected directly, possibly requiring demolition. Properties can also be indirectly impacted in that a parcel of land may need to be acquired or there could a noise or visual impact of both the construction or operation of this major new railway. You need to find out whether your property is:

  • in a safeguarded area
  • in the rural support zone
  • in the homeowner payment zone
  • outside these zones

Check the route for HS2 Phase 2a (Birmingham to Crewe) or HS2 Phase 2b (Crewe to Manchester) to see if your property is in one of these zones.

You may be able to sell your property to the government at its market (‘unblighted’) value or receive a lump-sum payment if it’s near the proposed High Speed Two (HS2) route.

The property scheme you’re eligible for depends on the location of your property and which phase of HS2 affects you.

 If you’re in a safeguarded area, you can apply through one of the following:

If you can’t sell your property because of HS2, you can apply for the Need to Sell Scheme if your property is affected but:

  • it is outside the zones and safeguarded area
  • it is not covered by a scheme

Below is a breakdown of how the HS2 route would impact on each of the Cheshire East wards it is proposed to run through.


The HS2 line enters Cheshire East at Blakenhall where it will go under the Checkley Lane overbridge and over Den Lane. North of Den Lane there will be a switch point which will allow trains to join/leave the HS2 mainline from/to Crewe Station. Trains will enter Chorlton and go over a major new railway bridge at Chorlton Lane, with Chorlton Lane diverted. This is where the existing West Coast Main Line and HS2 line begin running alongside each other. Significant embankment work will be carried out on the western side of the new line, where properties in this area will be affected

Wybunbury Councillor


The Phase 2a twin tunnel portal will be located south of the A500 and Weston Lane.

Newcastle Road will be realigned to form an overbridge over the HS2 line.

Haslington Councillors

Shavington Councillor

Crewe South/Crewe East/Crewe Central/Crewe West

These two tunnels will run parallel under the West Coast Main Line, then continue to follow the West Coast Main Line under Crewe Heritage Centre, under Vernon Way and then on under Broad Street, to a portal just north of Bradfield Road.

Crewe South Councillors

Crewe East Councillors

Crewe Central Councillor

Crewe West Councillors

Crewe North/Crewe St Barnabas/Crewe East/Leighton

The twin tunnel continues under Bradfield Road and emerges just south of Parkers Road railway bridge, where an additional bridge will be provided over HS2. Some excavation work will be required slightly to the east side of the existing rail line at this stage. Trains will become visible again from this point forward and will again impact on nearby properties.

Crewe North Councillor

Leighton Councillor

Crewe St Barnabas Councillor

Bunbury/Brereton Rural/Middlewich

The HS2 line heads north through the Minshull Vernon parish area, peels off the West Coast Main Line and crosses beneath the A530. The HS2 Crewe North Rolling Stock Depot is located between the West Coast Main Line and the HS2 alignment. It then continues at or above ground level into the Cheshire West and Chester Council area before crossing beneath Clive Green Lane and then over the Shropshire Union canal. At the back of the Winsford Industrial Estate the line enters a deep cutting, providing for a diversion of the A54 and A533 at a single crossing point of the new line to the west of Middlewich.

Brereton Rural Councillor

Middlewich Councillors

High Legh/Chelford

The HS2 route comes back into Cheshire East in the north of the Borough. A series of continuous viaducts start at Wade Brook in Cheshire West, then over the existing Mid Cheshire railway line and over the junction of the A556 and A559. Viaducts then continue over Peover Eye and Smoker Brook.

The line goes under Flittogate Lane and Pickmere Lane and then a viaduct over Arley Brook. The line also goes under Budworth Road. Some properties are likely to be affected here. It then goes over the M6 motorway. The HS2 line then splits into two north of the A50, with a route towards Wigan and the ‘station approach’ line towards Manchester Airport. The main line goes under Peacock Lane, Agden Lane and the M56, before reaching the A56, which will be realigned and HS2 will go over it. Properties are likely to be affected here.

The spur line (heading in the direction of its link with the station approach line) crosses over Agden Brook flood plain courtesy of a viaduct and under the A556 before Junction 8. 

High Legh Councillor

Chelford Councillor


Excavations are planned either side of the line running parallel with the M56. Properties are likely to be affected. It then crosses viaducts over Blackburn’s Brook and Birkin Brook.

There will be a crossing under Ashley Road and Lamb Lane HS2 crosses the existing railway just south of Ashley. As it enters the village of Thorns Green, HS2 travels under Brickhill Lane and Castle Mill Lane, where properties are likely to be affected.

A viaduct will then cross over the River Bollin flood plain before leaving Cheshire East and into the village of Halebank. More properties will be affected here. The M56 will be temporarily realigned south of Junction 6, and the A538 will be realigned to cross over HS2. The motorway will be remodelled between junction 5 and 6 to accommodate the new Manchester Interchange and HS2 station at the airport.

Mobberley Councillor

Page last reviewed: 20 December 2019