Crewe Green Roundabout

Crewe Green Roundabout construction

The main construction works for the scheme started on the 29 January. The new roundabout will fully open to traffic, including landscaping of the site in November 2018.

The construction work will take place in 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: end of January to April 2018 - complete
  • Phase 2: April/May to July 2018 - complete
  • Phase 3: July/August to November 2018 - ongoing

Phase 3

Phase 3 of the Crewe Green Roundabout improvement scheme began on 26 July and saw the link between the roundabout and Hungerford Road and Sydney Road reopened. 

The new roundabout is currently operating with a single lane of traffic to allow for construction works to continue safely. The traffic management in place at Crewe Green Roundabout is in accordance to the Code of Practice, which governs the traffic management required while works are undertaken at a roundabout. 

The pedestrian and cycle crossing points already installed are in operation. 

Phase 3 construction activities 

The third and final phase of the scheme will include the following main activities:

  • completion of construction work between the A534 and Crewe Road
  • landscaping and planting works will be carried out to the centre of the roundabout
  • works will be completed on the maintenance layby and road signs
  • modifications will be made to the existing traffic islands
  • a crossing facility will be installed on the A534

All lanes will open towards the end of Phase 3, with the roundabout expected to be fully open to traffic in November.

Traffic monitoring

Cheshire East Highways is monitoring the highway network during the construction of the scheme and will alleviate any issues where possible through undertaking remedial action. An example of this can be seen through recent resurfacing works and the installation of temporary traffic road regulations orders to prevent access to heavy goods vehicles.

Engagement with the local community

The Crewe Green Roundabout team has partnered with local charities to support and provide assistance to events held in Crewe. Information of past and future events can be found within the Crewe Green Newsletter.