A536 Congleton Link Road

The Cheshire East Borough Council (A536 Congleton Link Road) (classified road) (side roads) order 2016

THE SECRETARY OF STATE for Transport hereby gives notice that on 20 March 2018 he has confirmed, with modifications, the above Order which was made by Cheshire East Borough Council under sections 14 and 125 of the Highways Act 1980 and which, as confirmed, authorises the Council to:

(a) improve highways;

(b) stop up highways;

(c) construct new highways;

(d) stop up private means of access to premises; and

(e) provide new means of access to premises

All on or in the vicinity of the route of the classified road known as A536 Congleton Link Road which the Council are proposing to construct from a point 50m west of the junction of Sandy Lane and the existing Sandbach Road (A534), first northwards and then generally eastwards for a distance of 5700m to form a junction with Macclesfield Road (A536).

Copies of the above-mentioned Order and of the plans referred to therein have been deposited and may be seen at all reasonable hours free of charge at the offices of:

Cheshire East Borough Council
Middlewich Road
CW11 1HZ

and at

Congleton Library
Market Square
CW12 1ET

Any person aggrieved by or desiring to question the validity of any provision within the Order on the grounds that it is not within the powers of the above Act or that any requirement or regulation made has not been complied with, may, within 6 weeks of 5 April 2018, apply to the High Court for the suspension or quashing of the Order or of any provision included.

G Patrick
Department for Transport
Tyneside House
Skinnerburn Road
Newcastle upon Tyne